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Hospital Infection Control Committee


The primary objective of any Health care institution is to provide safe environment to all its stakeholders. To this effect, Infection control committee plays a major role in realizing the objective. The infection control committee of FDS has representatives from all levels so as to spread the ownership of providing safe and secure environment. COVID 19 pandemic has posed a different kind of challenge, where the existing policies and procedures had to be revisited considering the dynamics of infection spread. 

Hospital Infection Control Committee (HICC) was constituted in 2006 and since then has been working on developing policies and protocols as relevant and needed. The scope of the HICC is vast and includes providing immunization to DHCP to safe management of health care waste and working on compliance to regulatory advisories notified from time to time. 

Mission statement:  To provide safe environment for patients, patient attenders, visitors and dental healthcare personnel whilst prioritizing and promoting quality health care



  • To comply  with the regulations and advisories relevant to of infection control and prevention as notified by authorities 

  • To update  knowledge on any new infections that emerge regarding dynamics of transmission  and develop appropriate interventions  in terms of protocols and guidelines as appropriate

  • To develop and implement SOPs, manuals, protocols and guidelines against infectious diseases and infection control methods

  • To provide evidence based guidelines for procurement of Infection Control Prevention materials

  • To develop Information Education Communication (IEC) materials required to meet the mission statement

  • To establish clear communication channels for dissemination of new, updated policies and guidelines to all DHCP (Dental Health Care Personnel)

  • To implement high standards of infection control when treating every patient.

  • To empower the core team and coordinators to contribute in capacity building of all DHCP


Training &

IEC Materials

Organization Structure

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