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The Academics during pandemic at FDS

To Keep the academics going immediate arrangements were made to start off with online classes/assessments and a combination of licenced Software M S Teams and Google Assessments and Turnitin softwares were subscribed and all the teaching and learning activites were transferred from offline to online Modes. Training Session was held for the faculty on M S Teams usage and classes scheduling Sessions. The students were given access to the software used and a training session was held on the same, and their classes started online on March 28th 2020 and was monitored closely for adherence by the academic commitees. The Post graduates were given all their seminars, journal clubs case discussions were happening online. During this Pandemic, we sucessfuly conducted OFFLINE examinations for the MDS with strictly following the guidelines set by the GOVT, Health Dept and WHO norms with the help of HICC SOP

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